Monday, August 15, 2016

August 15, 2016

"Photos didn't work"

So this is the photos of the activity we did the other day... it was super cool. this whole transfer we’ve spent it doing things on P day that are super fun but suck out all our energy. My body always tells me not to do it but then we do it and I’m super tired but I’m getting super skinny haha we just hope that my muffin top is gone by the time I get home! haha 

So this week we went with one of the families (Ochoa) that we have been teaching who is super cool. We talked about baptism. he got really heated and didn’t want to understand that we need the priesthood. So we had to just tell him to pray about it and he didn’t look convinced... it sucks because he’s super cool and his family also. I’m pretty sure we are going to be able to help him receive an answer but he doesn’t really like the religions but his family wants to be more united so this will be the thing that will help them.

The other family (Zuñiga) are doing super well yesterday he was asking for ideas of ways to do better and change. 

Also there’s another person that I talked to yesterday in the bus. He left his wife 7months ago because he caught her cheating on him. He was super depressed for a long time. But he really is humble and willing to learn. he liked the lesson yesterday.

This week we understood how dope the card game Play Nine is. It’s so fun. Everyone that played it with us is addicted hahaha 

Anyways. I love you all!  My comp also says hi!!!

Elder Anderberg

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