Monday, October 24, 2016

Amazing things still happening!

Wow the Lord just blesses us so much and I don’t even know why!!!
this week we were looking for some families that are inactive for a couple years, we didn’t have a lot of success and it was sucky going to 20 houses and not finding many people my feet got bruised let alone the blisters haha but that’s so normal now, anyways so we were walking and a man called us from his van and said hey I have like 5 years inactive and I want to start going to church again. where’s the church at?? haha we were like wow. that’s so cool. he is so excited for us to visit him. we hope that he was being real when he said that. don’t think that his wife is a member and their address was not on the lists. still seeing miracle every day.
we have some investigators that promised to not ever work on Sundays again. and they are going to put The Lord first in all things. there baptismal date is the 13th of November their names are Francisco Isabel and Diegito. we had a lesson and my comp and I were on divisions so I was teaching because the brother was not very .......uhhh talkful? haha but the spirit was still strong. during the lesson, he told us that he felt the sprit in church on Sunday and that whenever we come he feels the same thing. it was such a great lesson. and then at the end he said that when I was promising them that The Lord will bless them for keeping the commandments that I started glowing... weird because I didn’t feel or see that I was glowing but that’s what he said, I hope it was The Lord testifying to him that his is all true. they will be baptized here soon and they are creating good relationships in the church.

What a great week and I’m learning a little bit more on the guitar because my comp play good.

I love you all!!!!

Elder Anderberg

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